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An energy AI for every building

For your bulding

Reduce your energy use, without sacrificing the comfort of your occupants. Elexity finds ways to save money and reduce emissions, then automatically adjusts your building controls to get results. We’ve seen customers instantly reduce total costs and emissions by up to 30%.   

For the power grid

Shift energy use away from peak times, no manual intervention required. Elexity levels demand during peaks so that the grid can use more renewable energy and sustain cleaner energy generation. 


Better together

We bundle with leading providers to offer complete energy solutions for buildings.

HVAC and Electrical



Energy storage

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What powers us


When it comes to load flexibility and demand charge management challenges for solar and storage, we will always be improving our solutions.


Our software and services are always easy to install and nearly invisible. Customers should only notice us when they see how we’ve reduced their utility bills.


Our software is adaptable in real-time, and so are we. We’ll happily adapt to new technology, rates, markets, policies, and opportunities.


You can trust us to deliver on our promises. Whatever we do, we’ll always make it right.


We are energetic, always moving forward, always improving, always looking for new opportunities to deliver more.


Data is good. Harnessing and using data improves our products, our business, and our vision for transitioning the world to 100% clean energy.


Building a cleaner energy grid

Join our team and create what’s next in intelligent energy control software. Bring a modern energy grid to businesses and to the planet.

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