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Elexity Announces Availability of Energy Storage Solution

Elexity Launches Energy Storage Offering for Commercial Buildings

After establishing their partnership last fall (press release), Elexity has completed integration of their EMS with the CPS energy storage product line, and it is now available to solar and energy contractors serving the commercial market with lead times of as little as 8 weeks. Available sizes are 125 kW and 250 kW, in both 2hr and 4hr configuration.

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"Elexity's ability to offer both load control solutions and battery management completely changes how you think about using energy storage." said Casey Miller, Elexity's CEO. "And, commercial buildings benefit when all of their major energy assets can be controlled from a single application."

Using true economic optimization, the Elexity EMS can handle all types of tariffs, dynamic real-time pricing (e.g. - day-ahead hourly pricing), and can perform demand charge management, TOU arbitrage, and automate demand response, making it easy to participate in virtual power plants and grid service programs like DSGS.

A few of the unique features of the Elexity solution include:

Enhanced Savings: Users can enhance their demand charge or time of use (TOU) bill savings by using both energy storage and building controls.

Modular Rapid deployment: The Elexity CPS solution is a self contained system than can be installed in just a day, and is available in increments of 125kW and 250kW units.

Maximize Solar Self-Consumption: Optimize when buildings draw energy to maximize the use of on- or off-site clean energy resources.

Easy Grid Revenue: Elexity is connected to grid services programs (like DSGS in California) and the platform gives customers the ability to enroll in any program at their choosing. Elexity will automate the rest.

Enhanced Backup Power: the Elexity-CPS solution is able to function as a microgrid, can eliminate the needs for a critical loads panel, and it provides a tool to control building loads while running in back-up mode.

Avoid Electrical Upgrades for EVs: Dynamic whole-building load management allows building owners to reduce the time and cost to install EV charging by up to 50 percent.

Solar contractors and ESCOs please contact us here for more information.

About Elexity

Elexity is changing the way buildings control energy. Our mission is to empower every building with intelligent energy control software and transition the world to a modern, clean energy grid. Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, our suite of predictive automated control software optimizes traditional HVAC systems, EV chargers, energy storage, heat pumps, solar, and other flexible loads to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions while enhancing building comfort and control. For more information, visit

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